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Check for Leaks Notice

Check for Leaks Notice


McCoy Water Supply Corporation is urging customers to check for frozen pipes or possible leaks in their property. Some of the water outage issues customers are experiencing could be frozen pipes or water leaks in their property.  We received multiple calls for water outages throughout the week so please ensure your property does not have any water leaks. We are asking customers to shut off their water if they have any leaks on their side to avoid high water usage bills. This will help our system rebuild and allow us to conserve the water.  Customers are advised to use their own shut off valve and not our curb stop. It is the customers responsibility to turn off their water if they have a leak. If you contact our office to shut off your water, we will charge a service trip fee.  Our operators have been working hard to maintain and distribute the water to our customers but will respond to calls if necessary.  Our system is slowly recovering, and customers should have water service or low pressure, except for customers in the Jourdanton area.

 Here are some tips:

  • Please check your faucets and if some have water and others do not, it is probably a frozen pipe in your home.
  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have water service. If they do and you do not, it is probably your pipes.
  • Is your home heated? Were you away from home during the freeze? Lack of heat could cause pipes in your home to freeze.
  • Did you leave your faucets dripping? Cover your outdoor faucets? These steps help protect your home’s pipes from freezing.

How to Shut Your Water Off at the Meter
Once warmer weather has returned; it is important to check the plumbing in areas that might have frozen. Broken/cracked pipes can produce lasting – and expensive – water damage.

  • Please pay special attention to pipes in outside walls or unheated spaces because leaks from there could cause significant damage to homes and businesses.
  • If you suspect a leak, shut off the main water service to your home and contact a plumber to make the repairs.
  • Be sure you know where and how to shut off your water at the meter and be prepared to turn it off if your pipes start leaking.


We encourage customers to help with the recovery of our system by checking their pipes.

Thank you,

McCoy Water Supply Corporation